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Sustainability Policy

Öryggismiðstöðin’s Sustainability Policy

Öryggismiðstöðin is committed to prioritizing sustainability and implementing it into its core business.

The company sets measurable objectives and promotes good corporate governance, decisions, and measures to achieve success in strengthening the sustainability of the company. Öryggismiðstöðin provides annual information to its stakeholders on the status of objectives and the development of performance.

We will focus on the following three of the UN's sustainable development goals (SDG): health and well-being, gender equality, and responsible consumption and production. When allocating community grants, the relatedness of an issue with the three SDGs is considered. The environmental impact of the company's operations is measured as far as possible, and efforts will be made to minimize them through targeted measures.

Öryggismiðstöðin endeavors to be a leading company in its sector and set an example for sustainability by sharing its experience and achievements with other companies and relying on the company’s core values of leadership, care, and trust.