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Öryggismiðstöð Íslands hf. [ÖMÍ] was founded in 1995 and employs 320 professionals in various business areas, most of them highly experienced.
The company provides security, surveillance and welfare products and services.
Since its establishment the company has been one of the leading security service providers in Iceland.
ÖMÍ's goods and service solutions are among the best available on the security market.

Main activities and services

Remote surveillance - monitoring center

The service consists of the sale and monitoring of security systems, fire alarms and camera systems connected to ÖMÍ's monitoring center at the company HQ. In emergency security guards in cars are sent on-site to follow up security alarms.

On-site security

On-site security guarding is provided by both ÖMÍ's security guarding division and daughter company 115 Security, and is comprised of: 
  • Patrolling of companies with regular visits around the clock 
  • Continuous on-site security guarding, such as in retail stores, ministries, public institutions, banks etc.
  • Valuables transport for banks and enterprises 

Technical support

The Technical Support Division handles primarily the installation, maintenance, repairs and supervision of the systems and equipment which the company has previously sold/rented to customers. 

Product offer

Main product catagories are access and intrusion systems, fire alarms & extinguishing systems, CCTV and welfare technology.

Access & intrusion

These systems simplify considerably the management and control of access to premises and administration of keys, as well as offering useful reporting options.
Among the company's leading suppliers of access control systems are Inner Range and HID.

ÖMÍ is also a partner with Assa Abloy Hospitality which is among the world's most popular hotel door opening system

Fire alarms & systems

ÖMÍ offers a selection of fire alarms and fire-extinguishing systems.
The company's suppliers are established with a long and successful history. 
Fire alarms and fire-extinguishing systems need to be tested and maintained regularly to serve their purpose.

Main suppliers are Control Equipment, NSC, Apollo, C-Tech and Siemens


Most of ÖMÍ's camera systems can be connected to Inner Range access control systems, i.e. they communicate with each other, which is a popular option among ÖMÍ‘s customers.
Main suppliers include Milestone (video recording & management software), Dahua, Samsung and Vivotek (cameras).

Welfare solutions & technology

ÖMÍ is a distributor and reseller for various safety and welfare products, such as personal emergency alert buttons, hospital beds, wheelchairs and safety floors.
It also operates a vehicle workshop, converting autos for people with special needs, and offers a variety of technical solutions for persons with motor impairment.
A major portion of these products is financed for users by Icelandic Health Insurance.
Main partners are Neat electronics, Autoadapt, tobii, Etac, Linet, Rehabed and Rolltec

Home security

For your home we offer "Home security" which is the easiest way to protect your home and family. We install and service a variety og equipment such as; burglar-, fire- and water alarms with a minimal installation cost and then a monthly fee.
For additional security for homes we offer fire extinguishers, stand alone fire alarms, fire blankets, first aid kits, access control systems, CCTV and safes.

Quality of service

The Security Center set the standards high for all employees. We emphasise on knowledge and training. All security guards attend intesive training before sent on duty. Internal surveillance and consistent education is our way to always assure the perfection of our services. All employee is due to hand in a conformation on "clean sheet" from police authorities before joining our forces.


For your business

The Security Center

We are specialized in providing security equipment and guarding services for home and businesses since 1995. We provide total range of security services including:

  • Manned surveillance of various kind, including VIP, venue security and chauffeuring
  • CCTV with spexial focus on IP based systems,
  • Fire alarms and exthinguisher
  • Fire protection systems such as Argonite, FirePro and Amerex
  • Access control
  • Intruder alarms
  • EAS (Elctronic Article Surveillance) for stores
  • Safes
  • Specialized shrinkage control for the retail industry
  • Education, training and consultancy
First Response

The Security Center has a solid reputation for fast, efficient response to every alarm. Our network is backed by a highly advanced alarm monitoring and response centre. Our professional operators are trained to act quickly with precision and confidence whenever our response center receives an alarm signal.
Expert Service

We provide the most qualified team and the highest quality of work for all our clients. Regular training ensures that our staff stays current with industry innovations, technical advancements and security procedures.
In all our client relationship the consistent characteristic is TRUST!

For your home

Home monitoring system connected to our 24/7 monitoring center

Although Iceland is considered to be a pretty safe burglary into homes is far from being unknown. Every day regular families are hit by criminals. The feeling of someone being in your home, going trough your personal items, is hard to describe. The families which have been through that ordeal have in general described the lack of security and bad feelings it brings, especially to the youngest family members. No insurance can pay for lost items which have sentimental values. "Home security" assures that in all cases there is immediate reaction to burglary, fire or water damage.
We already offer this service to thousands of Icelandic homes.  
Home security is easy to install and easy to operate for users. System components are wireless and therefore the installation calls for minimum time and inconvenience.

Home security includes:

  • Burglar alarms - turn it on when you leave your home
  • Night alarm - partly protects your house during the night
  • Fire alarms - fire senors connected to our monitoring center
  • Connection to our monitoring center
  • Service of security guards if something happens
  • You only pay a minimal installation cost and then a monthly fee.
All sensors are wireless. The installation therefore do not take much time and the equipment do not cause severe damage to your home if removed as it does not need cables.

You can add sensors to fulfil all your additional needs:

  • Keypad controls
  • Motion sensors which allows pet movements (up to 36 kg.)
  • Gas detectors
  • Wireless panic buttons
  • Glass break detectors
  • Heat sensors
  • Home automation
*For each additional item you pay a monthly fee.

Home security is connected directly to our monitoring centre, open 24/7. If the system sends out a warning we immediately react and send a highly trained security guard to check out your home and assure that it is secure.

In most cases we keep a key to our clients home (recommended) so in need we can get in and check out if everything is secure.  The security guard does not leave the premises until he is fully assured that your home is secured.  If needed he will call for assistance from the police, ambulance and/or fire department.

The system "health" is tested daily and if it is not working properly we let you know and assure that the system is up and running again.

You can always count on our personal and professional services.

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